Man vs house stage 2 - newly re-routed drain pipes - feeling quite satisfied, now for a roast.

Man vs house - stage 1, bad down pipe runs on to flat roof - exacerbating leaky bathroom roof.

Come sailing and learn to race yachts in Brighton

It’s a bit hectic out there

Cost of Disruption (Cyber vs Humans)

Cyber this, Cyber that… Much has been made of what pain Cyber will cause over the next few years. From my perspective Cyber is still a real world problem. The fear that using dark cyber magic the naughty nation states or criminals will steal your data has been realised and fairly quickly accepted (if somewhat reluctantly).

However the disruptive power of technology is the big fear du jour - disrupting energy supplies, communications, infrastructure using malicious technology is all possible and the impact is mostly human.

Perhaps we worry about this so much as we are all addicted to technology - however the root, vector and effects are all human.

Rather than look for entirely Cyber solutions for perceived Cyber problems perhaps the human angle should be considered alongside more often.

Humans on their own can cause plenty of disruption. And it is the impact of disruption we are worried about.

As you can see from the article below, some very determined protesters have cost Sussex Police just under £4,000,000, the wider impact of the protesters efforts will be far greater than this.

Sussex Police - Final Balcome protest costs released

Turn on FILEVAULT for whole disk encryption and don’t leave your mac lying about!

love this line: “Gmail is the most popular terrorist mail service in the world,” one official tells Wired. “Second place is Yahoo. It’s not because Google and Yahoo are evil, it’s because they offer a great service.”

Brighton beach

Brighton 3 hours after high tide